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We aim for designs that are fit for purpose and contextually appropriate.
The Dark Side of Shopping

The original aim of the anti shoplifting brief was to demonstrate (to designers, manufacturers, and retailers) how it was possible to build into the packaging design or interior display of everyday objects, anti crime functionality without compromising the aesthetics or practicality of products.

Stop Thief Chairs

The security principle common to these customised anti crime chairs was the idea that human beings have an innate sense of what Oscar Newman called “defensible space” related to the body.

Grippa Clips

The Grippa makes life easier for customers and bar staff, while making it harder and reducing opportunities for thieves. Moreover it acts as an aid to caring for customers, covering not just loss but tidiness and cleanliness.

In the Bag Design Resource

In the Bag is DAC Research Resource aimed at designers, to help them get smart quick about pick-pocketing, bag theft and loss of personal products. It visually animates statistical and criminological data and combines it with contextual information directly relevant to design processes and responses.

caMden stands

The CaMden bike stands promote more secure locking behaviour because they make it easier for cyclists to keep their bicycles upright and lock both wheels and the frame to the stand and its shape helps prevent cyclists from locking insecurely.

Bikeoff Design Resource

The Bikeoff Design Resource is web-based and it gives information on the nature and patterns of bike theft, systematically-acquired and well-organised knowledge about design responses covering bikes, locks, parking furniture, parking facilities, bike hire schemes and materials.

Puma Bike

The Puma Bike is a folding bike with a difference. Also now known as the ‘Disko’, it is the result of collaboration between sports-equipment manufacturer Puma, Biomega and Vexed Generation.


The Karrysafe bags and body accessories offer a range of socially responsive street accessories designed to appeal to young people as well as all commuter generations.

White Sound: Urban Seascape

The crashing sound of waves, enveloped Euston Road, masking the sound of vehicles with the sound of the sea. In many parts of the world it’s not just the sound of the sea that is invading our space. Global warming is causing sea levels to rise, swallowing and flooding low lying land and forcing people from their homes.

Graffiti Dialogues

The Dialogues with Graffiti for 21st Century Cities Network (GDN) aimed to explore and exchange diverse approaches to graffiti within and between communities (of practice, of interest and of geography). The network aimed to identify resource efficient and contextually and culturally appropriate responses to graffiti.

Bikeoff Cycle Anti-Theft Scheme in Brighton & Hove

The Bikeoff Cycle Anti-Theft Scheme in Brighton & Hove was a CIVITAS demonstration project delivered by the Bikeoff Initiative of the Design Against Crime Research Centre.