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LDOC – London Doctoral Design Centre

AHRC-Funded PhD Studentships in Design Research

Deadline for applications: 19th February 2014 by 5pm

Are you interested in studying for a Phd that uses design to address social issues?

Our  team are interested in receiving PhD proposals from strong candidates who wish to use the tools and methods of professional design practice and social design and social innovation to create and communicate new knowledge. In new ways.

The LDOC is an AHRC-funded centre for doctoral training, collaboration between the University of the Arts London, Kingston University and the Royal College of Art. The Centre will offer both full-time and part-time AHRC-funded PhD with a focus on practice-led Design research.

LDOC is one of seven new AHRC Centres for Doctoral Training, which are consortia awards offering training and skills in specific disciplinary areas, such as Design.

The LDOC partners build on their commitment to developing Design researchers at the highest level in this exciting new initiative. The Centre will offer enhanced doctoral training drawing on the expertise of the three world-leading partners.

The LDOC programme will also benefit from the contributions of creative industry partners:

AEDAS, British Fashion Council, BT, London Borough of Camden Communities Division, Camira, Creativeworks London, Design Council, Designing Out Crime Association (DOCA), Ford Motor Company, Ian Ritchie Architects Limited, International Flavours and Fragrances, Microsoft Research Cambridge, Sense, Sorrell Foundation, Textile Institute, Topshop, TFL, the United Nations/UNCTAD Responsible Ecosystems Sourcing Platform and the V&A Museum.

Students may apply to LDOC for a doctoral award by submitting an LDOC application through the University of the Arts London The deadline for applications is 5 pm Wednesday 19 February 2014.

If you are interested in applying for an LDOC award through the University of the Arts London, the first step is to consult the University’s staff research profile pages to identify and contact potential supervisors from the University’s world class researchers or contact the Academic Research Contact in the relevant College to discuss your proposal.

It is not possible to submit an application directly to LDOC: you must apply through one of the three universities. Please note that you can only submit an LDOC application to one of the three member institutions. Overseas students are not eligible for AHRC awards, and EU students need to carefully read the eligibility criteria to assess whether they are eligible for fees and maintenance or fees only.

Doctoral Awards – the awards are for students who are applying to undertake PhD study. This includes those who are applying initially as an MPhil student with the intention to upgrade to PhD study. The fees and maintenance rates for 2014/15 have not yet been announced by the AHRC, but for comparison, for 2013/14 maintenance is £15,726 and fees £3,900 (the shortfall between AHRC rates and University fees is covered by the University).

Students who apply for an LDOC award will be considered automatically for a College Scholarship.

All AHRC awards are subject to the AHRC Terms and Conditions. Please ensure to familiarise yourself with them before applying: they are available in the AHRC Student Funding Guide. Note that overseas students are not eligible for AHRC awards and EU students need to carefully read the eligibility criteria to assess whether they are eligible for fees and maintenance or fees only. You can find current maintenance and fee rates on the AHRC’s page for Current Research Students.

To contact your prospective academic department, please consult our list of Academic Contacts at the University of the Arts London.

Application Process

Please see below for a description of the application process for an LDOC AHRC award.

Students need to submit both a UAL standard application form for a place on the Research Degrees course and an LDOC application form for the studentship to by 5 pm on Wednesday 19 February 2014.

The LDOC application form is included in the LDOC Application Pack which can be downloaded here .

Applicants must also complete the separate application form for the respective institution they are applying through to LDOC. The UAL Application form can be downloaded here.

Once completed applicants via UAL should return both the application forms to

All applicants are advised to follow the application procedure below:

Step 1: Select an institution from the LDOC partners to which you would like to apply

    • All three participating institutions are listed above in the ‘Introduction’ section.

Step 2: Ensure that you meet your prospective institution’s eligibility criteria

    • As independent institutions, the eligibility requirements of each LDOC partner may differ slightly.
    • Before making an application to an institution or LDOC, applicants must make sure they meet the relevant eligibility criteria.

Step 3: Ensure that you are eligible to receive an award from the AHRC

    • In addition to checking an institution’s eligibility requirements, all applicants must ensure they are eligible to receive funds from the AHRC.
    • Applicants are advised to read the ‘Terms and Conditions for Studentship Grants’ section of the AHRC Student Funding Guide which can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

Step 4: Make an application to the relevant institution

    • Before applying for the LDOC award, all applicants must make a standard PhD application to one of the LDOC partner institutions.
    • Applicants will be asked to name the institution they have applied to in their LDOC application form.

Step 5: Complete the LDOC application form and submit to the relevant institution

    • Once applicants have submitted an application to a relevant LDOC institution, an LDOC application form must be completed.
    • The LDOC application form is included in the LDOC Application Pack which can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.
    • Once completed, please return to one of the three email addresses provided below.
    • UAL:
    • Royal College of Art:
    • Kingston University:

Step 6: Selected candidates will be interviewed by the partner institution as part of their normal research recruitment process by the end of March 2014

Step 7: The three partner institutions will make their nominations to the LDOC Steering Committee, which will confirm the awards by the end of May 2014

Assessment process

Your application is first considered by internal Panels of subject experts at UAL. You should hear in early April whether UAL will forward your application to the LDOC Steering Committee. The Steering Committee will confirm the awards by the end of May 2014. Unsuccessful applicants from both stages will be considered automatically for College scholarships by the Director of Doctoral Programmes and you should hear the outcome by late May.

Document links

LDOC application pack (Pdf)

UAL Application Form (Word)

AHRC Student Funding guide (Pdf)

Please note that candidates must make an application to one of the three partner institutions before submitting an LDOC application. You will be asked which institution you have applied to in your LDOC application form.

The deadline for LDOC funding applications is Wednesday the 19th February 2014 by 5pm.

Internships with DAC

Students who undertake internships with us are from a broad range of professional fields and cultural backgrounds.
Since DACRC implemented the scheme in 2007, we have been able to welcome around 30 unique individuals to the team; ranging from illustration, product design, environmental studies, management and business fields as well as criminology. Each intern was provided with real work experience by giving them the opportunity to learn and get involved in the process, outputs and dissemination, as well as contributing to DAC’s approach, methodology and projects.

Benefits of DAC internships:

Gain Valuable Work Experience
An internship at DAC provides the opportunity to gain hands on work experience whilst you are developing your skills during your course. This becomes highly valuable s a first time job seeker, once you have completed the course.

Have an Edge in the Job Market
The experience of worrying at DAC within a socially responsive design approach will help you develop a unique approach in the design market as you will have experience that is closer to the real market needs. In the current competitive job market, these assets can be decisive in securing a job. An internship is essential to set you apart from the others.

Networking Opportunities
Internships are a great way to meet people related to your field of interests. An internship at DAC will give you the opportunity to engage with public and private organisations that are working with ground-breaking initiatives that value and support design research.

Building your portfolio
Getting experience as a DAC intern is a great way to build your portfolio as you would have had active participation in project research observation, design process, user testing sessions and research development.