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Students who undertake internships with us are from a broad range of professional fields and cultural backgrounds.Since DACRC implemented the scheme in 2007, we have been able to welcome around 30 unique individuals to the team; ranging from illustration, product design, environmental studies, management and business fields as well as criminology. Each intern was provided with real work experience by giving them the opportunity to learn and get involved in the process, outputs and dissemination, as well as contributing to DAC’s approach, methodology and projects.

Benefits of Internships:

Gain Valuable Work Experience

An internship at DAC provides the opportunity to gain hands on work experience whilst you are developing your skills during your course. This becomes highly valuable s a first time job seeker, once you have completed the course.

Have an Edge in the Job Market

The experience of worrying at DAC within a socially responsive design approach will help you develop a unique approach in the design market as you will have experience that is closer to the real market needs. In the current competitive job market, these assets can be decisive in securing a job. An internship is essential to set you apart from the others.Networking OpportunitiesInternships are a great way to meet people related to your field of interests. An internship at DAC will give you the opportunity to engage with public and private organisations that are working with ground-breaking initiatives that value and support design research.

Building your portfolio

Getting experience as a DAC intern is a great way to build your portfolio as you would have had active participation in project research observation, design process, user testing sessions and research development.