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Key to DACRC’s partnership offer is the opportunity to work collaboratively with a proven Centre of excellence

Working with Design Against Crime will give you the opportunity to develop methodologies and models by which to contextualise, prioritise and combine multiple social, ecological, and economic design drivers towards a multidisciplinary inclusive approach to design for sustainability.

Collaboration offers the following benefits:

  • Access to DACRC’s specialist knowledge and practice of Design Against Crime across many territories including Hot Products, Retail Crime, Community Safety and social innovation strategies to combat anti-social behavior.
  • Access to ‘open innovation’ research and co-design methodologies DACRC has developed through ten years of effective practice.
  • Access to design frameworks that assist designers and other practitioners int the management of knowledge and its integration into the design process.

Benefits of extended partnership via the network:

  • Access to a network of specialists with expertise in specific areas of social and ecological design (as part of an extended network of which you would be a partner)
  • Opportunity to co-generate a common language and understanding of different social and ecological design approaches with partners of the network that will stand all partners in good sted for collaborative working in the future. This common understanding will also present value to research funders who will not have to fund the typical ‘familiarisation process’ that consumes much of the first year of any multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural collaborative project.
  • Access to a range of bid partners in the social and ecological design arena interested in furthering understanding of sustainable design in education and practice.