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Cultures Of Resilience: A Cosmopolitan Localism

A public lecture on cultures of resilience by Ezio Manzini

Resilience is a system’s capacity to cope with stress and failures without collapsing, and its ability to learn from the experience. Therefore, resilience should be considered a fundamental characteristic for any potential future society.

Until now, this notion – in all its interpretations, including the most radical ones – has been used in the framework of a defensive discourse. But we can also look at it in a different, more positive and more interesting way. If resilience means diversity, redundancy, active feedbacks and continuous experimentation, it also means that the corresponding society must be a diversified, colourful, creative and learning one.

We can refer to these cultural characteristics with the expression ‘cosmopolitan localism’. This is the meta-culture of a society in which a variety of cultures flourish, and in which places and communities are not isolated entities, but the nodes in a multiplicity of networks.

05 Jun 2014 18:00

Room E002,
Central Saint Martins,
Granary Building,
1 Granary Square,
King’s Cross,
N1C 4AA.

Image: Mark Hadden

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