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ATM Art in Hammersmith

The Metropolitan Police, Hammersmith approached the Design Against Crime Research Centre (DACRC) to help tackle the problem of ATM crime. Art installations, funded by the Hammersmith business improvement district were located outside Nat West bank/s to prevent shoulder surfing (theft of pin numbers) as well as pickpocketing around ATMs.

Directed by Paul Trueman of the Metropolitan Police, these art installations on vinyl were created by Steve Russell for DACRC aimed at creating defensible space “safety zones”. A three-month trial is currently taking place in Hammersmith to see whether or not ATM art can match the 66% crime reduction documented by Manchester Police in 2007 who used yellow traffic lines painted around ATMs also to create defensible space safety zones to prevent ATM crime.花仙公主喜羊羊

Favourable early reviews about the Hammersmith ATM art intervention have been received. They appear to create sensitive aesthetic address to public space (and do not treat humans like road traffic), while trying to design out ATM crime. Consequently, they have generated further business interest.

The Inmidtown business improvement district want to make Holborn ATMs safer too. Inmidtown also want to be sure the intervention works by evaluating Holborn sites appropriately, as no robust evaluation has yet been delivered by previous project. Currently DACRC and Inmidtown are in discussion with Nat West, HSBC, Barclays and the Royal Bank of Scotland to understand whether a small amount of funding can be raised by the banks to help install and evaluate ATM art in the Holborn area.

Full case study:

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